Beer on Tap

Beer on Tap at Fireman's Arms

Beers at Fireman's ArmsFireman’s Arms boasts a massive selection of beer on tap. With over 25 brands of beer on to choose from, we will be able to satisfy anybody’s beer-drinking addiction!

Beer on tap available from Fireman’s Arms:

Skeleton Coast IPA
CBS Amber Weiss
Jack Black Larger
Peroni Draught
Hansa Pilsner
Castle Draught
Castle Light Draught
Windhoek Draught
Amstel Larger
Guinness Draught
Stella Artois
Stellenbrau Larger
Dragon Fiery Ginger
First Light Golden Ale
Black Label
Brannas Draught
Newlands Brewery – Passionate Blond
Newlands Brewery – Jacob’s Pale Ale
Newlands Brewery – Mountain Weiss
Paulaner Weiss
Mitchells Bosuns
Mitchells Foresters Larger