Prepare yourself for a Fireman’s Arms feast! We have a selection of dishes that will tantalize the taste buds with homemade meals that take you from starters to mouth watering desserts. Indulge in a selection of fine wines, alcoholic drinks and other beverages while you enjoy some of the finest grub in the Cape. Are you ready to dig in?

If there are any special requests, please do not hesitate to tell the Waitrons. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.
Each dish is freshly prepared. Please allow sufficient time for us to prepare your order.

*Parties of 6 or more – 10% service will be charged.


Chicken & Jalapeno Spring Roll Served with sweet soya sauce R55
Paprika Chicken Livers Pan Fried succulent livers, served with ciabatta R89
Crumbed Spicy Chicken Wings Marinated in yoghurt and secret spices, served
with a choice of BBQ or spicy sauce or plain
Homemade Chilli Poppers Classic filling of cream cheese R89
ADD (Choice of fillings): Ham or Bacon or Salami or Chicken or Mince R18
Famous Homemade Onion Rings: Golden fried for onion lovers R70
ADD Blue Cheese Dip or ADD Aioli:: R33
Prawn Crackers Served with homemade peanut sauce R67
Togarashi Fish Bites Served with Japanese seven spices R89
Cheesy Homemade Garlic Roll R40


The Cape Mrs Balls Chutney, Tomato Concasse, Biltong Dust, Peppadews & a
sprinkle of Parmesan
Greek Feta Garlic & Origanum R80
Mexican Tomato Concasse, Onion and Chilli, with a sprinkle of Mozzarella. HOT!! R80
Italian Loads of garlic & Origanum, with a sprinkle of Mozzarella R80

Selection of Homemade Soups

All soups are served with Ciabatta & Butter

Mama’s Chicken Soup A thick creamy soup, just like Grandma used to make R87
Chickpea, Chilli & Bacon Soup Exclude Bacon for Vegetarian option R87
Lamb & Lentil Soup This hearty soup is a meal in a bowl R90

Individual Salads

Fresh Garden Salad Assorted fancy lettuce, fresh herbs, tomato, onion & cucumber R89
Make Your Own ADD: Olives or carrots or pineapple or capers or walnuts or mushrooms
or apple or jalapeno peppers or peppadews. (Charged Per item)
ADD: spicy chicken or ham, or back bacon or Italian salami or feta or
sundried tomatoes, avocado or blue cheese or artichokes or
anchovies (Charged Per Item)

Junior Menu – R70

Jnr Cheese Burger & Fries
Fish Fingers, Mash / Fries
Sausage, Mash & Gravy / Fries
Plain Crumbed Chicken Strips, Mash / Fries
Jnr Margarita Pizza

*Strictly no greens.
*Strictly for 12 yrs and under.
*You grown ups, please show us your ID to prove that you are under 12 yrs old.

Regretfully no Take-Aways


All Day Breakfast
Bacon, Egg, Toast, Sausage, Baked Beans, Tomato and Fried Onions
ADD: Black Pudding (When Available)

All pies are homemade, served with golden chips & sautéed peas

Chicken & Mushroom Pie Breast fillet in a creamy white wine gravy R148
Fireman’s Pie Beef goulash, paprika, cayenne pepper & chilli. VERY HOT!! R148
Pepper Pie Beef goulas & Madagascar green peppercorns R148
Steak and Kidney Pie (½ Beef, ½ Kidney) Sir Author’s Guiness’ favourite recipe R148

Fireman’s Prego Roll Steak 150g (done to order) or Chicken fillet basted with our spicy sauce
& golden chips
Tripe Curry Oxtripe cooked with traditional spices & served with rice & sambals R145
Liver & Onions Pan fried Lambs liver with Bacon (optional) & served with buttered mash R129
Lamb Curry Lamb on bone, cooked with traditional spices & served with rice & sambals R140
Fish & Chips A lightly battered filet, served with golden chips, peas &
homemade tartare sauce
Salt & Szechuan Pepper
Strips cooked to perfection, served with golden chips &
homemade tartare sauce
Half & Half Fish fillet & Calimari combo with all the trimmings R169
Roast Eisbein Served with buttered mash , sauerkaut & crackling R189
Chicken  Burger Breast fillet with blue cheese, topped with cranberry
sauce & served with golden chips
Steak, Eggs & Chips Sirloin 250g (Done to order), grilled tomato, chips & onion
Aubergine Parmigiana A scrumptious Italian veggie bake R120
Chicken Peri-Peri Panfried chicken breast fillet cooked in our homemade
peri-peri sauce & served with rice or golden chips. VERY HOT!
Glazed Kassler Chops Apricot basted smoked pork chop with buttered mash & gravy R149
Sticky BBQ Beef Ribs Succulent ribs basted in our secret sticky sauce,
served with golden chips.  ±400g
Traditional Shepherds’ Pie Lambs mince with creamy mashed potato crust & served with
seasonal vegetables
Lamb Shank Slow cooked in a rich red wine and tomato concasse
reduction & served with buttered mash
Bacon & Cheese Burger Pure beef patty served with golden chips & sweet mayo
ADD Egg: R10, Jalapeno: R13, Avo: R18
Bangers & Mash Classic pork sausages served with buttered mash, fried
onions & rich gravy
James Peri & Garlic Prawns Served with tartare sauce and golden chips R159
*Substitute your Chips, Mash or Rice for a Side Vegetables
or a Side Salad

Side Orders

Seasonal Fresh Vegetables Assorted fresh vegetables to complement your meal R60
Steamed Fragrant Rice R22
Savoury Fried Rice A touch of Asia R39
Small Side Salad A fresh mix of garden greens R45
Small Side Golden Chips R39
Small Side Buttered Mash & Gravy R37
Small Side Fresh Vegetables R39
Poppadom (each) R19
Full Portion Onion Rings R70
Half Portion Onion Rings R40
Oven Baked Roll or Ciabatta R22
Sauteed Potatoes R47
Freshly made Sauces Pepper or Mushroom or Cheese or Garlic or Peri-Peri (all sauces are freshly made with butter and cream) R45


Gluten free pizza bases available at an additional charge of R18

“All our Pizzas are thin base and generous with the toppings”

Margherita Sliced fresh tomato, mozzarella & origanum (V) R89
Simon Snorkel Mushroom and pineapple with a choice of ham, bacon, salami, spicy mince or chicken R157
Fire Escape Pizza Asparagus, mushroom, peppers & onion (V) R157
Hatfield Spinach, feta, olives & garlic (V) R157
Firechief Salami, olives, green pepper & mushrooms R157
The Fireman’s Special Chilli, peppers, onions, garlic, with a choice of ham bacon, salami, spicy mince or chicken HOT! R157
Regina Mushrooms & ham R129
Seafood Half shelled mussels, prawn tails, calamari & crab sticks R179
Stokers Anchovies, pineapple, olives & origanum R157
Brigade Lion Tuna, onion, olives & fresh fennel R157
Back Draft Spicy chicken, mushrooms & green peppers HOT! R157
Hawaiian Ham & pineapple R129
Hydrant Ham, peppadews & green peppers R157
New Yorker Bacon, avocado & feta R157
Fire Fighter Italian salami, peppadews & jalapeno peppers R157
S & S Italian salami, escargot, mushrooms, garlic & parmesan R160
Rescue 911 Pizza Hot ground beef, onion & chilli HOT! R155
Naked Pie (No Cheese) Aubergine, jalapeno peppers, sundried tomatoes & Caramelized onions (V) R155

Extra Toppings

Chillies, garlic, onion, fresh tomato, egg, caramelized onion Each R15
Capers, pineapples, peppers, banana, olives, fresh rocket, mushrooms, spinach Each R25
Ham, salami, anchovies, spicy chicken, hot ground beef, feta, peppers, avocado, asparagus, artichokes, jalapeno peppers, blue cheese, parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes, snails Each R32

Parties of 6 or more – 10% service will be charged


Warm puddings (served with cream, ice cream or custard)

Malva Traditional South African warm sticky pudding R69
Apple Crumble Apple never tastes better, with cinnamon R69
Chocolate Fudge Delicious thick chocolate sponge cake R69
Dom Pedro Another South African favourite dessert

Kahlúa OR Frangelico OR Whisky

Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce R65
Milk Shakes Strawberry OR Chocolate OR Vanilla OR Passion Fruit OR Blue Berry OR Raspberry  OR Kiwi OR Cherry OR Mango R65

Speciality Coffees

Freshly Ground

Hot Chocolate
Cappuccino R35
Filter Coffee/Tea R30
Irish Coffee  (Jameson) R60
Aztec Coffee  (Kahlúa) R60
Jamaican Coffee  (Dark Rum) R60
Napolean Coffee  (Klipdrift) R60
African Coffee (Amarula) R60

Parties of 6 or more – 10% service will be charged